S-Seeria SR – mini konteinerahi


In-store mini rack oven with unlimited baking possibilities. The ultra-modern rotating combination oven S-Series, bakes everything from bread rolls and sourdough bread to delicate pastries to perfection. Achieve similar results, efficiency and functionality to that of an industrial rack oven. Designed to occupy minimal space, the S-Series is optimized for smaller bakeries and store use. Equipped with a modern digital control panel, optimized airflow as well as rotation speed, heating and steam systems. The S-Series combination oven allows simpler, cheaper, more efficient and better baking. The oven is extremely flexible, and with the proofer placed beneath the oven with optimized fermentation features, baking flexibility is significantly enhanced. Ferment below and bake at the top – at the same time!


IBS – Increased Baking Surface.
IBS – alternately rotation of the racks for better heat transfer to the products being baked.

Flexible baking with the best results.
Bakes all kind of baked products; pastries, breads and sour dough breads etc to perfection.

Frequency converter for fans (option).
Adjustable airflow of heat and steam when baking sensitive products such as meringues and macarons.

Built-in, high-capacity steam system.
High quality and energy-saving steam system with fast function which gives amazing baking results.

SD Touch II panel.
The next generation of user-friendly touch panel with high resolution screen, swipe function, simple recipe handling with timer down to seconds for functions such as temperature, steam, fans etc.

Preset recipes in the panel
The oven comes with 11 pre-programmed recipes in the digital SD Touch II panel. The pre-installed recipes are based on general weights and products and not details about raw materials and type.The recipes are in English.

Alarm Softer Sound Café (option).
Alarm signal adapted for instore use – adjust volume and signal type to a more pleasant signal for crowded areas. 

Strong insulation.
Ensures that the heat stays in the oven chamber and keeps the oven energy efficient.

Stainless steel front, sides and interior.
High-quality components and robust materials extend the oven’s life. 

Easy to clean.
Stainless steel front, sides and interior. The SD Touch II panel is in level with the oven plate, no frames or unneccessary joints.

Good overview of the baking process.
Large front window with heat-reflecting double glass and good lighting inside.

Condensation unit, built-in (option).

Right hand hinged door with double glazed window.
Energy-efficient, easy to open and overview.

Ergonomic handle that keeps cool while baking.
Great grip makes it easy to open and close and great locking mechanism.

Standard rack with space for 6 or 10 trays included.

Stainless steel execution as standard. Black execution (option).

Three-glazed window in door (option).
More energy efficient oven, keeps the heat inside. Adapted for in-store use, glass is cooler on the outside than the standard two glazed window. 

Tray rack for 10 trays. Adjustable regarding tray size (option).
Underbuilt tray rack, placed between oven legs, below the oven. 

Extra shelf, stainless steel for SR120, SR130 and SR240 (option).
Extra storage shelf in sheet metal, placed between oven legs, below the oven (not in combination with Tray rack for 10 trays). 

Max baking temperature 300°C.



Effective compact underbuilt proofer for the SRP.
Saves space and makes dough handling easier.

Equipped with EHDS – Effective Humidity Distributon System.
Generates optimized distribution of the steam inside the proofer for the best proofing results. Fermentation without dehydrating the dough.

Temperature and humidity sensor as standard.
Accurate and stable control of proofing process.

Stable temperature in proofing cabinet gives optimal fermatation.
Steam generator is located outside of the proofer cabinet.

Easy to clean.
The proofer bottom is made without joints and the guides can easily be removed for good hygiene and easy cleaning.

User-friendly control panel with glass screen.
Easy to manage and easy to clean.

Space for 10 baking trays.
Easy to adjust the guides to fit different tray sizes without tools.

Collection chute for condensation on the inside of door.
Leads away condensation water.

Large window and vertical LED lighting inside.
Providing a good overview of the proofing process on every tray inside.

Right hand hinged door with window for SP1. Double door with window for SP2.
Easy to open and overview.

1 water connection.
When ordering SRP, only one connection needed for all water.