V-Seeria konteinerahi

A rack oven for professional baking – endless possibilities with maximum capacity and even baking results all over the rack! The V-Series is a reliable, powerful and safe oven that is easy to use and provides excellent baking results. The series has three basic sizes, with space for up to three racks in the oven chamber. The oven provides almost unlimited possibilities for professional baking and can be supplied with many different accessories and custom features.
A oven with high quality components and materials, which gives a long lifetime. A very energy efficient oven shaped for heavy load in commercial bakeries. With V-Series you will achieve wonderful bread and pastries results.


Increased Baking Surface System.
Provides quick, even and economical baking.

SD Touch II Panel. Learn more here.
The next generation of user-friendly touch panel with high resolution screen, swipe function, simple recipe handling with timer down to second-precision for functions such as temperature, steam and fans.

Cascad steam system quickly provides powerful and extra clean steam.
Heat and steam are evenly spread quickly within the oven leaving the system with a short recovery period.

Powerful insulation.
Ensures that the heat will stay inside the oven. It will lead to a better environment at the bakery. 

Made of stainless steel both outside and inside the oven.
Sustainable material that makes the oven last longer. Easy to keep clean. 

Automatic rotation stop for racks.
When baking time is completed, you lift the door handle (do not open) and the racks will turn to the unloading position.

Spring loaded door hinge.
Ensures the door remains open while loading and unloading racks.

Slow start.
Genle and gradual accelerating rotation and retardation of the rack for baking products sensitive to bumps and blows, or that risk moving from vibrations.

Effective heat exchange in the oil and gas oven.
High efficiendy and low heating cost.

Right-hand hinged insulated door with double glazed window and door stop.
Easy to open and supervise.

Includes suspension hook (excl. V5, V51, V52) Max weight 350 kg om V30, V50 on V40.
Simplifies oven cleaning.

Utility holder.
Perfect storage for knives, gloves and more.

Max baking temperature 300°C.